AeroMask Range

AeroMask Range


    Introducing our Velotex AeroMasks a snug ergonomic performance fit a single-user reusable, washable mask. Whilst our AeroMasks are in no way intended as surgical or medical masks, do they provide good levels of general filtration, and thus certainly limit the risk of cross-saliva contamination, between both the wearer, and those the
    wearer comes into contact with.

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    Not only ideal for social distancing, but also for use in a plethora of other activities, like cycling, running, use by jockeys, motorcycling and workplace, workshop and food service use and as a cold air, dust and traffic fumes protection item.

    AeroMask RX

    Designed to absorb the wearer’s exhaled moisture droplets and a hydrophobic outer-surface, to optimally screen and filter the inhaled air.

    AeroMask MX

    For active sports use right into the aerobic zone, is larger and provides more face coverage for the wearer. 100% Cott PQ.

    AeroMask PCS

    7-day reusable, washable 5-7 times without deterioration. Ensure your customer &
    staff’s safety. Clients will love these as gifts. Perfect for corporates, retailers, schools, salons, the hospitality industry - air bnb, hotels, restaurants, bars, spas.